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Nobody knows what to expect when becoming a parent.

I remember sitting in a meeting at work talking about my nearing maternity leave. I still hadn't grasped the concept that nothing was ever going to be the same again. We made plans, organised new processes and talked about my leave and my return after the 9 months. I had no idea that it was never going to be that simple.

Parenting is something that brings out your true self. I had fears of being a cold mother, I have no idea why. I had the feeling that my bold exterior would put up a wall between myself and my child. Nothing could be further from the truth. Becoming a mother has brought out the most selfless, warm, open and joyful version of myself than I could ever have imagined. I didn't think I could give so much of myself.

It’s a very difficult thing we mothers have to do this day and age. We are given the chance to become so primal and experience birth, breastfeeding, sleeping as our baby sleeps, following a newborn babies natural rhythm, seeing life in its purest form and the world in a new light. Then we abruptly come to the realisation that this world we live in is no longer primal. We can no longer continue to live this way with our baby. Society now revolves around paying mortgages and separating ourselves into a vague solitude. The pressure on us is one that humans have not yet evolved to handle. We were built to spend our days digging for potatoes, nurturing our babies and connecting with our communities. I keep thinking to myself, there has to be a better way.

My Parenting Tribe was started to discuss the ways that we can make life easier in this crazy world. I keep wondering about different ways to create co-parenting and shared cooking groups amongst family and friends. There are always new ways to lessen the load or make something more efficient.

If three different mums are all driving to swimming lessons and sitting down for an hour to watch .. then driving home. Can’t we come together and one of us drives the kids to swimming lessons, the other does a bulk batch of curry in the slow cooker and the third has a wine and a whole packet of Oreos?

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  • Love this – I definitely want to be the one having a wine and a packet of Oreos hahaha

    Lydia Gonzalez

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